Justin Evershed-Martin offers rare and distinctive decorative arts from the last 200 years. 

In addition to the pieces shown on our website, we are able to source items to meet specific needs and would be happy to discuss your requirements with you. 

We can work with you to curate a new collection and or simply advise on the management, shipping and conservation of existing pieces.

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Justin Evershed-Martin

Justin was previously Managing Director of Mallett Antiques, where he worked for 10 years in both New York and London, leaving in 2016 to create his own company. 

150 years old, Mallett Antiques are renowned dealers of the finest art from 1680 onwards. As well as helping to build their flagship collections, Justin established and ran the 20th Century department. 

Justin has curated collections and sourced individual pieces at the highest level for private clients and institutions around the world.