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A polished cast iron console by James Yates

England, c. 1840

Retaining its original marble top.

With the advent of high quality semi-industrialised iron and steel objects, came the need to protect the manufacturers with patent laws. The introduction of these has greatly facilitated subsequent analysis, in particular in England between 1842 and 1883, all iron pieces were required to be registered. The original drawing was held at the Office of the Registrar of Designs where it was given a number, that number became the “diamond mark”. This allowed the manufacturer three years of exclusive use of a design.

James Yates is known to have registered a number of items. In this early period of registration it was uncommon for more than half a dozen items to be registered in any year.


Width 108cm
Height  82cm
Depth 51cm


Georg Himmelheber, Cast-Iron Furniture and All Other Forms of Iron Furniture, London, 1996, plate 228. England, circa 1842.

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